Give me just 90 days and I’ll show you exactly how to free up 1-2 business days per week all while growing your business 10% - 30% or more each year.

This is the same proven 3-part framework that I use (and have helped dozens of highly profitable business leaders implement) to work just 3 days per week on average and take an entire week (sometimes two) off every month while running 3 companies and generating 7-figures each year.

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A couple years ago, I launched a test to see if I could cut my work week down to just 3 days per week while still growing my 3 separate companies as a 7-figure entrepreneur.

The results were wildly successful…

See, 11 years ago I had a horrific experience that changed my outlook on life completely…

I had a house fire and in that moment, life came to a grinding halt.

The fireman at the scene had just one question for me.

“What do you want us to retrieve in the next 5 minutes before your home is destroyed by fire and water?”

Here I was, a “successful entrepreneur” (unhappy millionaire) with 3 businesses…

Working 80+ hours per week to keep it all moving…and for what?

My house was full of “stuff” that was about to meet its demise, and I didn’t care about 99.9% of it.

Want to know what I asked him to save? Sentimental items.

Memories that money can’t replace.

That day, I realized: Why am I spending all my time away from my family, working myself ragged to provide a house filled with stuff that doesn’t matter and is burning before my eyes?

That’s when I vowed that I would figure out how to have plenty of free time and still provide a comfortable living for my family.

After that fire, I spent the next several years working on figuring out how I could work less without having to give up the success and growth I had worked so hard for. 

But, I couldn’t figure out how to have both growth and free time without one affecting the other. 

I needed to find a system that would allow me to work less, without a drop in revenue.

That’s when the ‘Vacation Effect’ was born. 

Here’s why this works so well:

✅  If it were so simple (and not completely terrifying) to just “work less” we would all do it. But, with the 3-part framework in this system you can break it down into short manageable sprints. You’ll understand exactly what needs to be optimized for efficiency and correct it without stepping so far away that your revenue suffers. 

✅ When we help you concentrate optimization sprints around the areas that have the largest overall impact on both profitability/growth and your ideal schedule, it becomes easier to not put out the small fires (no pun intended) and focus on areas of hyper impact. 

✅ When you are no longer the bottleneck, and implement highly efficient SOPs, 99% of operations will function without you with hyper efficiency and across all roles in all of your business, your teams will be able to get weeks worth of work done in days. 

Ready to join the challenge and dozens of other entrepreneurs just like you working together to create the life they want with more freedom and business growth? 

We will help you:

✅ Get crystal clear on what you want your epic life to look like, what your ideal schedule would look like, and analyze how you currently spend your time.

✅ Conduct an experiment that aligns with your goals to identify the inefficiencies in your workflow and business.

✅ Optimize the inefficiencies that are identified during your experiment so that your business becomes a well-oiled machine that allows you to live “the Vacation Effect Lifestyle” if you want to.

✅ Stay accountable to making progress on the goals that you set for yourself in the program, and help you overcome any obstacles that arise along the way.   

Important: Must Read Before Applying:

✓ Due to the personalized nature of how we work with our clients, we are very selective about who we choose to accept into the program. The more details you give us, the better. This will help us make your free discovery call as valuable as possible.

✓ You MUST already have a successful 6-8 figure business with a proven track record of profitability. We want to help you work less but want to see your business thrive and having a history of success and growth in your business is imperative to you building the life and schedule you desire.

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